DIY Service Tips

How much do you know about your car? If you happened to get a flat tire, could you change it? If you want to prevent yourself from getting a flat tire, do you know how to check tire pressure? How about your engine coolant; do you know how to check that? If you're not sure, Glenn Bush Ford is here to help!

We wrote up some quick how-to's to make sure our customers know how to check for problems before they occur. Bringing in your car for regular maintenance is very important, but checking to make sure your car is healthy frequently is also a must. The key to expanding the life-span of your car is not to wait too long for maintenance, make sure everything is always running the way it should, and bringing it in for check-ups every few months.

While the health of your car is very important, we also know many people want to make sure it looks its best too. Here is a quick guide to keep your car healthy on the inside and out.

How to Change a Flat Tire

How to Check your Tire Pressure

How to Check your Engine Coolant

How to Wax your Car

For more tips and tricks, keep in touch with Glenn Bush Ford on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog. If it's time for Glenn Bush Ford service technicians to take a look at your car, schedule a service appointment today. See you soon!

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